Monday, October 6, 2008

How to put on a cloth nappy?

We have previously explore how to fold a cloth nappy. Now we would explore how to put that nappy on. Cloth nappy is definitely cheaper to use because they are reusable. We would use cloth nappy at home especially in the afternoon. A word of caution though, make sure that we change the nappy once it is wet. It would not be healthy for the baby if a wet nappy is left on, causing nappy rashes.

Ingredient: 1 willing baby, 1 cloth nappy and 1 nappy holder

  • Lay baby down on his back on a cloth nappy. Spread his/her legs apart gently.
  • Pull the bottom portion of the nappy over the baby's groin as shown in picture (3)
  • Pull the left wing portion of the nappy over the baby's stomach as shown in picture (4)
  • Fold the right wing portion of the nappy over the baby's stomach as shown in picture (5)
  • Using a nappy holder, first hook the bottom portion of the nappy. Then Pull the right hook to hook the right portion of the nappy followed by hooking the left portion of the nappy to hold it together.

There you have it. A simple way that I was taught how to fold a cloth nappy. If your baby is still smiling at you by now, you have achieved and pass the acid test of the speed required to fold a nappy. If he/she is yelling and kicking, well, you just need more practices. Don't worry over it. In time, you will be an expert like a all mothers or fathers would be.


Wonderful Life said...

By the time he knows how to turn over on his tummy, it's hard to put on a cloth nappy for him.

Do you put on the nappy cover/shield after wearing the cloth nappy?

Another faster method is... fold the cloth nappy into half. Then fold it 1/3 from the left/right side also can. After that fold it again till you get a long & thick rectangular shape... like a menstrual pad :P

Then put the folded nappy on top of the nappy cover/proctector(protect from getting us wet). Put baby's bum on them. Spread his legs apart and pull up the bottom portion of the nappy and nappy protector over baby's groin. Finally, snap the buttons at the left & right sides...

Tadaa... It's like wearing menstrual pads... hehe. Will save time from folding the triangular shape and hook them up while baby is cranky and struggling to turn over. ;)

Daddy said...

I see. Always wonder what those nappy cover/shield are when we went shopping. We have used this method taught by the confinement lady as well as my mum. I guess it's the old traditional method way back when they don't get the nappy cover. Normally, we don't use a nappy cover after wearing the cloth nappy. Kind of difficult looking at how bulky it is. If we should use the nappy cover, would it gets wet as well? Does that we mean we have to invest in several? Definitely would find it more convenient and looks nicer too.

Wonderful Life said...

Ooo yes, there are lots of cloth diaper & accessories out there to invest in!

The nappy cover should protect us or the bed from getting wet from the wet nappy. It's polyester(i think) nappy cover, fastening with velcro or buttons. Usually inside has a netting layer. It cost about RM8-10 each and has sizes. You can try find it at pigeon brand counter.

As for the expensive can check it out at this website ( or ( there are lots of varieties and even the cloth diapers too. It has more urine resistance than the cheaper version of nappy cover mentioned above and the pre-fold cloth nappy. :)

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