Monday, October 20, 2008

Wear Your Babies

`Babywearing?' It is the act of carrying or `wearing' one's baby to promote `attachment parenting'. There is apparently this non-profit organisation known as Malaysian Babywearers that will be organising an event in Penang on the 26th Oct in conjunction with the upcoming International Babywearing Week (IBW).

For me, I honestly do not know that such an organisation exists, neither am I aware of the term `babywearing'. I only know that I find carrying Ryan on his baby carrier so much easier than putting him in the stroller when we go shopping. Moreover, he likes it far better then being left alone in the stroller.

It is true that I noticed that not many Malaysian parents use the baby carrier. Instead, it is common to see parents using the stroller in any shopping complexes. Why? Is it because it is easier to handle the child? Do they prefer it that way? Or are we afraid that they will get too attached to us that they will refuse to walk on their own next time? Or maybe the answer lies in all of the above.

From my experience, I find bringing the stroller along for shopping a real hassle. Firstly, it is relatively bulky no matter how many times you can fold it. It is never easy to manipulate it when it comes to elevators. Going into lifts is never easy (after having to wait for ages). I find that `wearing' Ryan allows me the flexibility to move easily and wherever I want to go. He is equally free to explore the new sights and sounds. He gets extremely excited when he goes to toys stores!! Actually, I often gets the `funny' stares from other parents or people when I am wearing Ryan in public. I hope that they are staring because Ryan is cute and not that the dad looks kind of weird. In fact, I will `wear' him at home when I need to move about getting simple chores done. (However, be warned not to handle hot liquids or doing anything that could be potentially harmful to your baby).

Well, in choosing a carrier, find one that is soft and would be comfortable for the baby. Make sure that you find one that could at least hold the baby facing in and facing out. The `face-in' position is for newborn whose neck and head is still not strong while the `face-out' position is for baby whose neck and head is much stronger and they enjoy a better view than just your chest! Also, do look out for one that have a cross-strapped at the back from your shoulders. The one we have does not have the cross strap and hence, the straps tends to slip easily down my shoulders.

Nowadays, I don't leave home without it.

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Bonnie said...

Which and what brand of carrier you are using?

I used to carry wawa with carrier. But I've back ache nowadays, so I dont use carrier anymore.

But using carrier is good. Keep baby n parents closer. I'm too lazy to use carrier now, so I use stroller or let wawa walk by himself. If I hv 2nd baby, I will breastfeeding,cloth diapering and babywearing my baby! LOL

If you want to look for carrier that suit u/ur wife. Check out Jess's store at
She is a babywearer master. And she sell lots of baby carrier/sling. You can ask more about babywearing from her.


Daddy said...

Hi. I've got mine from one of the warehouse sale in KL. I think it's called MY Dear. Haha. Then, quick quick go for second one lor and fulfill your wishes.

little prince's mummy said...

I don't like using baby carrier.. dunno y

Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Daddy, we only used the baby carrier for a short while and it's a saviour when getting Gwen to sleep haha..As she was getting heavier we ditched the baby carrier and used the stroller. Now at 2 yrs old, she don't even want to sit on the stroller anymore..haha.

Daddy said...

Morning Mummy Gwen. You are right. I guessed once he gets older, it would quite difficult to use the carrier and we would have to use the stroller instead. Again, of course, whether he wants to sit quietly in the stroller or not is another story. Children nowadays seemed to have a mind of their own and are quite persistent at that. Not like me or my generation, dumb dumb.

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