Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preparing for baby's arrival

When we were preparing for Ryan's arrival, we were really uncertain as to what are the essential items to purchase. We would be walking in shopping complexes but ended not buying anything because we really do not know what is required. Fortunately, we got some help from my sister and as the days drew near, we were frantically getting ready. Luckily we did because Ryan came early. We have a few friends who are also expecting their first born. So, I have promised to post a checklist of items that we think is important.

Firstly for the expecting mommy:-
  • Disposable maternity panty : RM7.90
  • Disposable nursing pad : RM20.00
  • Breast pump (Manual) : RM18.50
  • Breast pump (Battery operated) : RM87.90
  • Stretch mark lotion : RM30.80
  • Maternity Pads : RM12.90
  • Maternity Dresses

For the baby:-

  • Feeding - Steam Sterilizer : RM460.00
  • Feeding - Milk Powder Dispenser : RM6.90
  • Feeding - Bottle and Nipple brush : RM6.90
  • Feeding - Warmer Bag : RM36.90
  • Feeding - Baby feeding bottles (Advent) : RM139.90
  • Feeding - Sterilizer tablets : RM17.90
  • Feeding - Bottles and Nipples Cleanser : RM37.00
  • Clothing - Mittens and booties : RM7.90 (per set)
  • Clothing - Baby napkins : RM25.90
  • Clothing - Nappy liners : RM8.90
  • Clothing - Laundry detergent : RM18.00
  • Clothing - Diaper Pants : RM7.90
  • Clothing - Face Towel : RM3.00
  • Cothing - Towel and Handkerchief : RM10.90
  • Clothing - Blanket : RM17.90
  • Clothing - Pillow and Bolster : RM19.90
  • Clothing - Napkin fastener : RM9.90
  • Clothing - Newborn clothes
  • Healthcare - Nappy Rash Cream : RM27.80
  • Healthcare - Nose Cleaner : RM12.50
  • Healthcare - Powder Puff : RM6.20
  • Healthcare - Wet Tissue : RM11.90
  • Healthcare - Nail Clipper : RM4.90
  • Healthcare - Baby lotion : RM19.65
  • Healthcare - Baby oil : RM13.60
  • Healthcare - Baby Shampoo : RM27.70
  • Healthcare - Baby Bath : RM19.90
  • Healthcare - Baby powder : RM12.90
  • Healthcare - Cotton wool : RM4.90
  • Healthcare - Digital thermometer : RM36.90
  • Healthcare - Disposable Newborn Diapers
  • Accessories - 2 way Carrier : RM79.90
  • Accessories - Baby Travelling bag : RM32.90
  • Accessories - Bouncer : RM80.00
  • Accessories - Mosquitoes Netting : RM19.90
  • Accessories - Changing Mat : RM11.90
  • Accessories - Stroller : RM400.00
  • Accessories - Play pent and Baby Cot : RM299.90
  • Accessories - High dining chair : RM239.90
  • Accessories - Baby bath tub : RM89.90
  • Accessories - Potty Trainer Seat : RM59.90
  • Accessories - Baby Monitor
  • Accessories - Baby Car Seat

Based on the list above, the total cost (of items with price listed) would be approximately RM2500. There are some items that you might be able to get cheaper version (eg. bath tub) but you might be willing to spent more on certain items for better quality such as stroller, breast pump (electric) and baby car seat.

All in all, it's not cheap to bring a baby into our world and what we see above is just the beginning of an investment that is going to go on for many more years to come. But the joy the baby brings is priceless. So, tighten your belts, parents and parents-to-be and embrace the wonderful adventure of parenthood.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Rodney, u r such a committed father. your wife is lucky!!!

Jacss said...

hi ryan daddy...thks for dropping by my humble blog recently! can't deny that i was indeed surprised to see a dady blogger around! such great bond i see of you & bb ryan!
really hard to believe that a dady can come wif such a comprehensive list to receive a bb arrival... even I can't do that, salute u! really great help to those in need!

Daddy said...

Hi Qiqi's mummy. Thanks for the compliment. It is actually I who is lucky to have her and baby Ryan.

Daddy said...

Hi Jacss. The list is a compilation of what we went through. A lot of efforts from my wife as well as I have no idea what are the items that an expecting mommy would need. It's a pleasure to drop by your blog. Would definitely be following your postings. Keep in touch.

Lay Lien said...

Hi Rodney, thank you for the list. Have been looking forward for it. Will continue to shop for those that I haven't grab. Hope it won't be too last minute ! :-)

Wonderful Life said...

Agree! It's not cheap to bring a baby into this world. The cost will be more after adding in the hosp bills!! Also, more to come lor spending more and more $ when our babies growing up... :)

Well, kids now are luckier compared to our time :P

Daddy said...

Hi Lay Lien. Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the delays. Hope that it helps. The prices are just indication. I will see whether I can help to post a list of Chinese herbs that we bought in preparation for confinement. Take care and looking forward to welcoming your baby into our circle.

Daddy said...

Hi Ryan's mommy. Definitely true. The hospital bill was another hefty amount. I think we paid close to RM8K since wife was admitted 2 days prior to delivery, and my Ryan was prematured needing special care and stayed for another 3 days. It's a good thing that it was not C section but natural birth. The on going medical bills..aiyoh. I think I should start an expense account for Ryan and show him when he grows up on how much he costs in total! haha...

Bonnie said...

Wow Daddy Ryan, you even prepare potty train seat in your list? isnt that too early? Hehehe.

I think most of us will use disposable diapers for the baby especialy 1st 3 months, since they pee/poo a lot. Again, I suggest parents soon-to-be (if any reading this) to try cloth diapers, they save you thousands! And you can forget about the rash cream, using cloth diapers rarely will have rash, well, not my son.

And I think will need at list 4 towel for the baby, and many packs of wipes oh. I did last time. Forgot how many packs of wet tissue I bought. Gone quick.

I think I also need to prepare paper work like you to show wawa how much we spend on him. LOL..

Daddy said...

Hi Bonnie. Well said. We have just switched back to cloth diaper during the day and will only put Ryan on disposable diapers at night. Reason is because he has develop nappy rashes recently. Recovering now with applied medication from paed. We are also making sure that we wipe Ryan with cotton and water even after we used the wet tissue (unless, we are out of the house). We have not bought our potty trainer yet. Included it inside because will be buying ultimately. Hehe.

MsSheepy said...

thanks for this post, i find it a good reference for me. maybe in a few months time. :)

Daddy said...

Morning Ms Sheepy. Thanks and hopefully, the list would be of some help. Will try to load a list of chinese herbs that we were told to prepare just before delivery for confinement use. But Ryan came prematurely. Thankfully, my wife's good friend gave all the herbs she bought for your second baby (due the same time) to us first. Good friends are GOD SENT!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww...Ryan's daddy. You still keep the receipt ya?

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