Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bird Nest Soup during Pregnancy

My wife was advised to drink lots of bird nest soup during her pregnancy. She barely got started and baby Ryan came prematurely. Apparently, drinking bird nest soup especially during the final three months will help to develop the baby's smooth skin. Any experienced mothers out there who are able to confirm this?

Anyway, my wife started with boiling the bird nest with rock sugar on a daily basis. It is pretty easy to boil especially with the slow cooker. She would put them into the slow cooker the night before and it would be ready for her the following morning.

However, during the third trimester, she developed a nasty cough and her sinus were really bad. We were recommended by a medical hall not to use rock sugar for fear of aggravating the cough. Instead, we were told to boil with cordyceps and `mud cho' (a kind of sweet dried dates). We would first have to boil the cordyceps and dates for about an hour before adding in the bird nest and boil for another 2 hours.

Does it help? I am not sure because we hardly got started and Ryan decided to arrive early. You might want to try it out and let us know instead.


Umma said...

I think in chinese culture they believe it does help but I never tried eating the bird's nest when I was heavy with my baby boy.

Daddy said...

Hi Umma. It's definitely chinese culture. In fact, in chinese culture, there are so many other chinese herbs to eat and how to eat during confinement. A challenging task when trying to identify them. So I tagged them now. Otherwise, might pick up the wrong herb and cook the wrong dish.

lemonjude said...

All these while I heard bad comments on taking bird nests during and after pregnancy. After all it is expansive also to buy a real good bird nest.

All bird nest now are not that original already and whats more in the cleaning process it uses chemical clean and bleach on it before pack and sell to us. It is really yucky the process of cleaning.

Thats why I stop taking it and there are many other good food too for smooth skin.

Daddy said...

Is it? Oh dear. Better discuss with my wife about this. Thanks for the comments. Any recommendation of other healthier food for smooth skin?

Lemonjude said...

IG6 from Elken or Millennium Cactus Juice from E.Excel also quite good for skin. Those bird nest troublesome to cook and need to wash..

Too clean one you also scared...really they bleach it one...else won't become so white and clear. From your picture one got strips somemore, I first time see...more "things" added in.

Anonymous said...

there are nest without bleeching. Ask around. With any expensive foods you find lots of 'immitation' or extra whitenning process. Donno what the effect of nest to baby though. Searching answer about it too.

Chaeles Bagli said...

mann i love bird's nest soup too even IF its made from spit!!! <333

i eat it like once every monthish and used to bought from website sometimes, my mom went back to hong kong and bought a full suitcase of it cause its cheaper there XD

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant on trimester, I eat so much birdnest. now my son has a smooth skin n white. I think it's good for us and baby too.

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