Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be your Baby's Paparazzi!

I spent a good 3 hours going through all of Ryan's pictures and categorised them, picked out the good ones and created and added a slide show entitled `Follow Ryan's Growth'. After I have finished and was admiring my handy work, I was suddenly hit by a moment of nostalgia. Looking back at those pictures when he was much younger and the moments that we have captured then, brings back many fond memories of raising him (although he is only 4.5 months old now). There were pictures that brought a smile to my face and I must admit, I think even a tear to my eyes. I wish I can relive those moments. So priceless and precious.

My wife who is currently in Singapore on business actually cried last night when she looked at them and it made her missed us even more.

I am definitely glad that we have been snapping pictures of Ryan like a couple of mad paparazzi. And I am glad that we infested in our new Canon IXUS 860 IS. It was definitely much better than my old HP digital camera with limited features. I particularly like to switch on the continuous picture taking mode. This is because Ryan will never pose intentionally for any picture to be taken. We will just snapped away and then choose and pick the one which capture that `perfect' pose or moment. You must have a sizable memory card of course. We have 4GB!

Looking at the pictures made me love Ryan even more although he is getting naughtier and cheekier by the day. All the frustrations simply just fade away.

So, if you are a first time parent, take those pictures and lots of it. Relive those priceless moments when they have grown up and shed a few tears in the process. I know I will.


renet13 said...

Daddy ah r u a stay at home dad? Why most of the time seems like you are taking care of baby only & mommy always at wrk?
Where is the slideshow? Shw us lah post it on the blog. Make use of I'm always my kids' paparazzi unlike the daddy who supposed to be a better photographer. LOL~!

Daddy said...

Hi renet. I'm a real estate negotiator now. Was in the IT corporate world for many many years. Took an `early retirement' and wanted some time to set my priorities right. Mommy also in IT world and doing well. The slideshow is on the main page by the right hand top corner. Am using

HN said...

Yeah, that's exactly what my hubby is doing ... He's in IT line and created our website (blog) purposely for our first boy from scratch .. Initially, it was just a photo log on baby then it becomes a blog eventually coz I love to write :P
Enjoy reading your blog ...

gs said...

good job in the slide show!! I'm sure you enjoy looking at each of the photo and isn't it amazing to watch them grow!

So, you take care of little Ryan yourself?

Luv your blog! It is very informative :P.

Thank you so much.

Daddy said...

Thanks GS for the compliment and dropping by. We take care of Ryan at night and on weekends. During the day, we will sent him to his babysitter a few roads away. My wife has to work and I could also get some work done and go for my appointments without having to worry about him. We have a Indonesian maid who cleans and upkeeps the house, so that we could concentrate of taking care of Ryan when we are home. Looking forward to seeing you more often.

gs said...

oic...with the help of the indonesian maid, you can fully concentrate on taking care of Ryan.

ur working time flexible??

btw, i saw the ad on the free diapers, where do you get them?

you really enjoy parenthood a lot. Ryan is a very cute boy! He looks like you or your wife??

Daddy said...

Hi GS. Free diapers from yours truly. I am now a real estate negotiator and therefore my working hours are much more flexible in order for me to devote more time to Ryan. The hectic corporate life for the last 20 years have taken their toll and therefore I've decided to give it a break for a while.

Daddy said...

Hi GS. Forgot about your other question on who he looks like. Emmm. He definitely has the boyish look. So that is definitely after me. Everybody said that the upper part takes after me, especially his eyes (thankfully, his is slightly bigger with longer eye lashes). His cheek, mouth and chin takes after my wife. But his look is changing so fast. I guess it will be interesting to see who he will look like finally.

gs said...

daddy, you are really an angel from above:P. It was very nice of you to give free diapers to all the mummies out there.

I'm sure you get a lot of request :). i thought u had contacts with a diaper supplier :)...hehehehe

agreed with you that baby looks changes very fast. when you see him, you will be thinking of what you look like when you were young.

Angie said...

HI, thanks for visiting our blog. And I totally agree with you on taking loads of pictures of our little precious ones. We've got so many pictures of Evan. And we even spent quite a bit developing some (or most) of our pictures.

Daddy said...

Hi Angie. Thanks for dropping by. We have not developed any yet but keeps on burning them into CDs. One of our portable harddisk is already full!

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!