Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pacifier - Saviour or Nightmare Part II

2 nights ago, we got Ryan to sleep on his own without having to be carried to sleep for the second time. Again with the help of a pacifier. He was his cranky self wanting to doze off. We put him on the bed, gave him his pacifier and his pillow and stayed with him. Within minutes, he was in la la land.

Last night, I had to take care of Ryan since wife will be in Singapore for the entire week. My youngest sister who stayed with us was a great help. And the pacifier again worked wonders. The babysitter told us that Ryan was extremely cranky the entire day. I was like "Oh No! Please! Not on the first night that I have to take care of him myself!'

Fearing the worst, I fetched him home. Close to 7pm, he wanted his milk. Prepared his milk and my sister helped to feed him. He was so tired while drinking. Once finished, he was about to go into his cranky sleepy mode which normally would take quite a while of carrying, patting, bouncing, walking and singing to get him to sleep. Last night, we have our secret weapon ready. We gave him the PACIFIER. He felt asleep soundly within minutes. That was even before 8pm.

He was sleeping in the living hall while we watched Amazing Race. He was supposed to have his next feed between 9:30pm to 10:00pm. So I carried him up at about 10pm, changed his diaper and was quite ready for him to wake up for his milk. He was so tired and slept soundly, that he did not make a single sound, slept through the entire process of diaper changing and continued sleeping after I put him on the bed. He only woke up at 4:30am this morning for his milk and happily went back to sleep after that.

I survived the first of the remaining 4 nights with lots of help from my youngest sister and the pacifier.


renet13 said...

I breastfed all my 4 kids to about 2 yrs..and they nevr knew the taste of pacifier cz mommy didnt wnat them to have nipple confusion. He He.

Daddy said...

Have been bottle feeding since birth although with breast milk. He definitely has a strong urge to suck something...sigh

Mummy to QiQi said...

according to a pead/bf consultant, it is always better for the baby to pacify themself with their fist. Cos they fist/finger will not become dirty by fall on the floor or go missing anytime :)

Adrine said...

For me was different - I actually tried to introduce the pacifier to Elyssa when she was about 2.5 mths cos I was tired of being her human pacifier!! And what she did was to just push it out with her tougue :( Now she just plays with her pacifier, like how she plays with her teething ring.

Daddy said...

Hi Qiqi's mommy. I'm always afraid that Ryan will end up sucking his thumb. Have heard some terrible stories as well from my mum of course. Aiyah. This cannot, that cannot. Susah also. But since paed's friend say ok till one, so why not. I guess that is the dilemma of every parent. But have to agree with you. An additional item to look for nowadays, `Where the h*ll is the pacifier?' when you really needs it urgently. Aiyoh.

Daddy said...

Hi Adrine. Smart girl you have there. Preferring the natural pacifier than the one made of plastic. Ryan's has a mind of his own as well. There are times when the pacifier will do wonders but there are also occasions that he will just push the pacifier away and insist on yelling at the top of his lungs. Emmmm...children, children....how I wish I can read their minds and know what they want...But then, I guess it would take the fun out of parenthood.

CathJ said...

hihihi.. Pacifier does wonder.. it save on my 1st son.. and I am start using it on my 2nd boy.. Have no choice.. he want to suck every moment..

I read some baby care books.. and it's not harm to use pacifier.. coz baby have a strong urge of sucking.. it's a comfort for them.. can use either pacifier or using their own finger.. ^_^

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