Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Does Papaya Soup Helps Breastfeeding ?

I have to cook dinner last night. Was wondering what to cook and found a small papaya given by a friend. So, papaya soup it was. I was told that papaya soup will help more breast milk reproduction for breastfeeding mothers. Honestly, I wouldn't know because I am not the one breast feeding Ryan but my wife will swear by it that it does help. We found the recipe in one of the confinement dishes cook book that we bought earlier. It is not a difficult soup to prepare and can be done within minutes.



  • 300g of pig's tail bone (I used chicken breast or half a chicken sometimes)

  • 300g papaya (1 medium size half ripe papaya)

  • 3 slices of ginger

  • 1 tablespoon of wolfberries

  • 1 tablespoon of white rice wine

  • 1500ml of water

  • 3 red dates

  1. Blanch bones or chicken meat in boiling water and then remove

  2. Put all ingredients into a saucepan or pot and boil for approximately an hour and then serve hot.

Any other mothers out there who can confirm that this soup does help?


Bonnie said...

Hey daddy,
I would say this papaya soap does help in BF(breastfeeding). But sorry to say I'm not BF my son though. Why I think it works? Frankly to say I drink lots of papaya milk juice during teenage days and it does help in 'the grow' of breast,LOL.

But seriously it helps, my friend who are BF her kids, told me that she was no milk supply when she 1st gv birth to her 1st child, and her mother cooked her papaya chicken soap, and guess what she is the moo now.. LOL

So it really helps!

Daddy said...

LOL. That's what my wife says. Sometimes when she detected that she has low milk supply, she will pester me to boil soup and papaya soup will be her preference. She will have no complains after that. I will tease and brand her expressed milk as SUSU cap gantung. Mean I know but we will have a good laugh...

Health Freak Mommy said...

For me, it doesnt help. What helps to increase my milk supply is Organic Mother's Milk Tea or Milkmaid tea. I swear by this tea.
You sound like a very hands-on daddy. Good job daddy!

Daddy said...

Hi Mommy. Thanks for dropping by and the compliment. Have to help out since wife is a very busy working mother. Anyway, I do enjoy the adventure and the process although it could be very frustrating at times, when he is yelling away and nothing that I do seems to be right.

vickylow said...

At 1st I tot my bf mission will fail. But after took this soup my bm start to come (Day 5).

I find raw papaya taste better. You can cook as dessert too by adding some cane sugar, red dates, dried longan and white fungus.

Mummy to QiQi said...

too bad it does not work on me :(

Daddy said...

Hi Vicky and gigi's mummy.Thanks for dropping by. Well, I guess some mothers find it helpful and some not. Anyway, I have recommended it to another friend of mine who is currently breastfeeding. Will let you know later whether it works on her. Vicky, when you meant desert, is it simply dumpling all the ingredients into the pot and just boil?

MsSheepy said...

wow, u have a real fortunate wife. My hubby doesnt even know how to boil an egg :(

Daddy said...

Well Ms sheepy. I used to be useless at cooking too. But I guess once age catches up, one tends to look at other interest which are more `homely' like cooking. I only started to explore cooking a couple of years ago. A supportive wife who eats anything that I cooked is another big motivating factor to continue.

In fact, last weekend, my sister and I tried making dog biscuit for my toy poodle and her miniture schnauzer. Turns out to be quite successful...hehe

Sasha said...

my cl cooked this soup for me during my confinement. didn't help. bu the onion soup helps abit but once stopped drinking the milk stops too. then i got the milkmaid tea- not helping much. then i went n get the fenugreek pills from GNC and tadaa! moo moo time! u can even take the normal fenugreek from indian shop or from organic shop and just put in hot water n drink it.

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