Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Ryan is clinging on to us lika a Koala. Help!!

Most have seen the cute pictures of Ryan. Here, you will see the other side of Ryan, the nasty side. He is 4.5 months old now. Growth wise, we have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, we are happy with his growth and are constantly amazed with what he is learning everyday. Sometimes, the new things that he has learned and show us at the most unexpected moments are shocking and definitely memorable.

However, he has also grown to be very very very attached to us. By now, he has developed this nasty habit of wanting to cling on to someone every waking moments. Unless he is asleep, he would want to be carried. He is demanding so much attention from us nowadays, that he wants us to continuously play and talk to him. He would not allow us to sit still. If we placed him on the bed even for a second, he would be yelling his lung off. And believe me, he can yell and is pretty persistent at that. Yesterday, I was so frustrated with him that I literally put him on the bed and let him cried his heart out to see whether he would yield. At the end of the day, it was I who yielded and carried him because he was crying and yelling for a good 40 minutes!! Talk about persistency!

I can not even go to the toilet without him crying nowadays if he is at home and awake. Even the babysitter is having problems now because he would not let her leave him alone. I really need some help here. If you have any solution or tips or ways that we could train him or pacify him, please let me know. Our weekends now are TOTALLY RYAN orientated because he demands our full attention.


Bonnie said...

WOw, seems like Baby Ryan starts to being manja already. During my time with yonger wawa, I dont have much problem. He do want us to carry him, but just dont too simpathy on him when he cries. That's what my elderly told me. And my wawa does not use pacifier. So far he is okay.

Just try to attract Baby Ryan with other thing, a new toy may be? Or music? and if he wants you to talk to him, try not to carry him. Just put him on the bed and talk to him.

If he can sit already, you can get the bumbo seat for him, so he can sit and watch what the adults do rather just lie on his back.


MsSheepy said...

wow, that's very challenging. I cant give any good advice here since i have yet to have my own kid. But i've seen educational shows that talks about having their kids growing too attached to the parents.

what parents can do is, not to make it as a habit to attend to his every whimper/cries; just let him cry a while before cuddling him again, or give him some distractions for a while.

Daddy said...

Thanks for the advice Bonnie. Kind of hard when he can yelled and cried for over 40 minutes until eyes also `bengkak'. Kasihan. Anyway, will continue to try to distract him with other things. Babysitter already hinting that we should start using the pacifier but we are quite reluctant less he gets addicted. He can't sit on his own yet. Probably in a month's time I think.

Daddy said...

Hi Ms Sheepy. Learning to let go a bit instead of rushing to cuddle him straight away when he cries. But my wife manja him. And this little king (that's what Ryan's name meant) knows it very well. The other day, he was yelling at the top of his voice because I put him on the bed to `teach him a lesson'. My wife came out from the bathroom and just called out to him. He immediately stopped yelling, turned to my wife, put on his `oh daddy bullying me face' and started yelling at the top of his lungs. The moment my wife picked him up, he immediately stopped crying and smiled.

Moon said...

Wah.. so sticky your little one! I wonder what have you done to him for the past three months. Haa..
You can try to talk nicely to Ryan. Tell him you are going to do this and that and hope he can co-operate by playing himself for a while. Wait you have time then come back to play with him. Try the conversation until he get what you mean. Nowadays infant very smart, he can understand you even they can't talk. =)
We always talk to my baby moon and let her understand what we are going to do. Especially before bringing her for outing, we will sure tell her "later going out must listen to mummy & daddy, we must hold hands and cannot run" It's quite effective for me =)

Daddy said...

Hi Moon. Thanks for the advice. We are trying out the `talking' method right now. Our babysitter has tried it out and it seemed to be working according to her. I don't have such luck yet. I certainly hope that with some patience, that it will work soon. Wife is going to Singapore for a week and then to Europe for another 10 days. If it doesn't work, then I am in SERIOUS, I mean SERIOUS trouble....

Wonderful Life said...

Hmm... did you often carry him during the past 3 months??

I guess it's due to separation anxiety. He doesn't feel secure by leaving him alone on open wide space which he couldn't find anything to grab on.

You can try to let him sit up, slightly tilted for a while but not too long because their back bone is still not strong yet.

I've got my Ryan the Fisher Price Rocker Chair since born. He feels safe and secure by sleeping or lying on the rocker chair compared to leaving him on the playpen/babycot/our bed.

Daddy said...

Hi wonderful. Thanks for dropping and comment. Well, we definitely have been carrying him quite a fair bit. We are now trying to talk to him when we leave him alone and trying to sit him up slightly so that he could see us when we are not holding him. Not sure whether it will help. Will keep you all posted whether we are still sane after trying this method. hehe

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