Friday, October 24, 2008

Chinese Herbs for Confinement

Chinese believes a woman's first 30 days immediately after delivery (also known as confinement period) is an important period to renourish the body. Hence, traditional and years of history have passed down a list of Chinese herbs that should be consumed, essential toward renourishing and rebuilding the health of the new mother.

I am no expert in Chinese herbs or medicine. All I know was we were instructed to get these specific herbs for the confinement lady to prepare the required dishes for my wife. From the list that we have and also after referring to some confinement recipe cook books, I have compiled a list of Chinese herbs commonly used during confinement in one way or another. You might want to refer to your `confinement lady' or your elders to confirm the list to acquire, but please do acquire them early. Once you have delivered, you would not have the time to go shopping for them and believe me, your husband (like I am) will be equally busy and `blur' when it comes to these.

The list of most commonly used herbs include the following:-
  • Red Dates (lots of it because these dates are also boiled as drinking water)
  • Black Dates
  • Dried Longan
  • Black Fungus
  • Dang Shen
  • Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica)
  • Wolfberries (lots of these as well because they are required in a lot of dishes)
  • Dried scallops
  • Cordyceps
  • Bei Qi

Other herbs would also include:-

  • Pao Shen (Ginseng)
  • Shou Wu
  • Shou Di
  • Huai San (Dioscorea yam)
  • Yuk Chuk (Hoi Chuk which is apparently better or so I am told)
  • Red Grain Rice

Besides the above, get ready lots of old ginger, sesame oil and black peppercorn which are used in almost every dish. Apart from that, Chinese wine such as Chinese white rice wine, glutinous rice wine and Shaoxing wine will also comes in handy.

Well, I hope that the list above helps you to prepare for your coming `wonderful' period of what Chinese called `CONFINEMENT.' (Confine - restrain from going out, prevent from doing certain things, limited to only consume certain predetermined food). Now, how wonderful can that be?


Mummy Moon said...

Hi, you can become confinement man or confinement advisor!

Daddy said...

Haha. Yeah. I'm pretty good at confining my wife from eating cold drinks, ice cream etc etc.

renet13 said...

That's why v hav confinemen ladies help mommies who knw nuts about chinese herbs like me! Mine did all the necessary buying & cooking..i just ate !LOL

renet13 said...

BTW I gor a Portugese award for you daddy. Pls grab it frm my blog.Thks.

Daddy said...

Hi Renet
Thanks for the award. BTW, how do I `grab' it???

Moon said...

Haa.. great recipe here! thanks for sharing.. you can be the "confinement nanny" already! =)
*Always sit down when eat or drink, don't stand especially while drinking

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting packs of "Da Feng Chao" for your wife to bath with.

I used to bath once a day with it, then every two days, i would wash my hair with it. And no, i did not get the 'horrible pain gripping' headache my mum used to warn me about for washing my hair so frequent during confinement!

Daddy said...

Hello Moon. Thanks for the compliment. Most of the recipes are found in confinement recipe cookbooks. And yes, my wife was told upteen times during confinement not to stand while eating or drinking. By the way, why ar??

Daddy said...

Hi KM. Yes. My mother-in-law got her the da feng chao for her to bath with. My wife has a history of migrane (just like her mom) anyway. So, it's not going to make a difference whether she will get a headache if she washes her hair during confinement. She is going to get her migrane spell from time to time anyway.

MeRy said...

You are a good daddy n good hubby...know alot of things about confinement food.

Daddy said...

Thanks Mery but I have plenty of flaws. Ask my wife and she would tell you. You knows me well. But I adore her and Ryan.

Bonnie said...

Woman are told not to stand while drink water is because after the confinement period, she will not able to control her pee..Erm how to explain ah. Because of just gave birth, the 'zi gong' is still weak. So sit will help to 'tighthen' the zi gong. If the woman stand drinking on her confinement period, she will be difficult to control her pee. For example, if she sneeze, her pee pee will come out.

Argh, I hope I dint make you confuse. My grammar is weak!

And to grab award from others, just simply copy past to your blog. ;)

Daddy said...

Oh I see. Thanks Bonnie. I think I understand lar. BTW, thanks for the tips of grabbing the award. Will try it out.

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey

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