Friday, October 10, 2008

Price Watch - Baby Milk Powder Enfalac A+

I am starting a price watch post on the products that I will be actively watching out for Ryan. I will be posting those price comparison here. If you are using or watching out for similar products, I hope that this information will be of assistance to you. If you happen to come across the same products being sold at different price at another outlet or location, please feel free to drop a comment on the price sold and location and I will be glad to update the price watch for price comparison. If you want to help to watch out for another product that you are interested in, please do let me know and I will see what I can do.

To start, I will listing the price of Enfalac A+ 650g from MeadJohnson which Ryan is currently consuming.

The stock at Kedai Ubat Foh Peng are old stock based on the old price before the price increase. Limited stock available.


Wonderful Life said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. So nice to see a father blogs about his kid :) Mostly mummy does that... hehe :)

My Ryan also drinks Enfalac A+ when breast milk supply is low few months ago.

However, lately I've changed to Anmum...

Daddy said...

Hi wonderful. Ryan takes Enfalac if we goes out or when he is at the babysitter. By the way, why did you change to Annum? Any better?

Yeah. I guess so far, I still trying to locate father bloggers too. Trying to share parenthood from the father's perspective.

Wonderful Life said...

Err... my Ryan has been rejecting milk from feeding bottle few months already.

I changed the formula to Annum as I thought maybe he doesn't like Enfapro taste (6monts below was enfalac A+). Furthermore, I have friends who breastfeed, their breastfed babies acceptted none other than Annum formula.

So, I did try my luck. But after changing the Annum, he still doesn't want the feeding bottle!! Tried sippy cup also rejected. Sigh... the only way to feed him milk is thru spoon feeding besides direct from breasts.

Joanne said...

I'm offering cheapear Enfalac Milk Powder...:)

• Enfalac A+ ~ 200g RM16.50 (At least 48 packets)
• Enfalac A+ HA ~ 400g RM32.90 (At least 24 packets)
• Enfalac Prosobee ~ 366g RM29.50 (At least 24 tins)
• Enfalac Free Lactose ~ 366g RM31.50 (At least 24 tins)

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