Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pullovers Vs Shirt with buttons in front for Newborn?

Just like every excited expecting parent, we were busy buying up shirts, pants, mittens and booties, preparing for the arrival of our baby. We walked into every baby shop that we knew or came across, hoping to find some good deals. We were grabbing anything that we thought was a good deal. When Ryan finally arrived, there were some clothes that we really regretted buying because they were so difficult to put on, especially when you have a premature 2.2kg fragile baby.

From our experience, avoid pullovers and go for front buttoned shirts. Even our confinement lady (who have years of experience handling newborns) would not want to use the pullovers that we have bought. When I have to put one on for Ryan, I quickly found out why. To put on a pullover, I have to lift up Ryan's fragile head and neck and pull the collar of the shirt through. Once that is done, I have to somehow manipulate his two tiny and extremely fragile hands into the two sleeves. Every time, I held those hands, I had this extreme phobia that I will somehow break them. To make matters worse, Ryan was not cooperating every time by laying still. Believe me, it was a real struggle.

Putting on a shirt with buttons in front on the other hand, is much simpler and less stressful. For one, I do not have to manipulate his head to pull the collar through. It is much easier to manipulate his hand into the two sleeves before buttoning up the shirt.
I have to admit that babies wearing pullovers are so cute and we definitely have a soft spot for cute nice pullovers. Today, we have a dozen pullovers for Ryan but it is a much simpler task now for two reasons. Firstly, Ryan is already four months old and his neck is much stronger now. Secondly, I am more experienced now although Ryan still dislike having his face covered (even for a brief moment) every time I put on the collar of a pullover.


Moon said...

you are right! pullovers are cute but is always difficult to wear for the babies especially their bones are still "fragile".. always go for shirt with buttons in front and maybe till they reach month of six then can consider pullovers. But remember to buy the bigger size coz they really grow very fast .. =)

Daddy said...

He is definitely growing fast. Just kept the 1-3 months and 0-6 months clothes and brought out the 3-6 months for him. Even that, is just nice for him. Pretty soon, we would have to bring out the 6-12 months batch. We bought a batch from US factory outlet. Better get him to wear them soon before he outgrows them. Otherwise, no ROI.

Wonderful Life said...

I agree that front buttoned shirts are easy to put on babies.

But when his head is more steady and could turn over on his tummy and also became mobile like sitting up or started to crawl, I would prefer the pullovers. This is much faster to dress him up.

As for putting their hands into the long sleeves... you can gather up the long sleeve, insert your 3-4 fingers into the sleeve opening and then try to grab Ryan's palm. After that use the other hand to pull over the sleeves in his hand... :)

Daddy said...

Hi. True. Once their head is stronger, it is no longer that difficult to use the pullovers. Ryan has so many pullovers now because we just can't resist buying the cute ones when we go shopping. And totally agreed that there are much easier to wear because there are less buttons...hehe..Changing Ryan's wardrobe now because he has outgrown his 0 to 3 months batch and also outgrowing his 3 to 6 months batch. Already taking out his 6 - 12 months clothes for him.

Wonderful Life said...

Hehe... I didn't buy any 0-3 months old clothes for my boy. I started with 3 pairs of 3-6months clothes and the rest 6-12months! Lucky me as my boy came out at 4kg and wore the 3-6months clothes :P

Daddy said...

Wow. 4kg is huge! It must be quite a task to get him out. My Ryan was only 2.2kg. But he is growing and catching up fast. He is now 6.2kg after 4.5 months. And he is wearing clothes for 6-12 months now. Just changed his wardrobe.

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