Thursday, October 2, 2008

My first Baby Book

"Mommy bought me my first book today from Wonder Tots at Sunway Pyramid. It is colourful book made of clothe that can be washed (in case I stained it with my wee-wee, poo-poo, or milk) and it's also an activity book where mommy and daddy can read it to me and play with me at the same time."

Ryan turned 4 months old yesterday (30th September 2008). His neck is pretty strong now and he can hold his head up without much support needed. In fact, when he wakes up from his sleep, he will use his shoulders and arms to push his head up (he sleeps on his stomach). He will then start turning his head to look for us. When he sees us, and when we call out to him, he will flash his charming smile. We have found that he has started to recognise our voices, our presence and even our facial expressions. He loves it when I start making funny faces and he will break into his mischievous charming giggles. We have also noticed that he loves going shopping but only interested to see things that are colourful. Hence, he truly enjoys a walk around a baby's store with lots of colours or a toy store. He can be so excited that he will be kicking his feet non stop.

We brought him to Wonder Tots today at Sunway Pyramid and got him interested in a book. The owner shared with us that we could use to book to play with him but their attention span is nothing more than 5 to 10 minutes now. When we got home, we tried it out with him and true enough, we got his attention for the first 10 minutes (as you can see from the pictures of how interested he was in the book) and then...that's it! It's back to funny faces just to make him smile...

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