Friday, October 17, 2008

The Baby Pacifier - Saviour or Nightmare?

The baby pacifier, is it a saviour or is it going to be our nightmare later? Honestly, right now, I know that it is our saviour.

I was brought up with a pacifier and I was told by my mum that I was totally addicted to it and she has a hard time getting me off the pacifier. Therefore, from the very beginning, even before Ryan was born, we have made up our mind that we would not use a pacifier for Ryan. Well, so much for our well laid out plan.

We noticed that Ryan has an inclination lately to suck things, especially when he wants to doze off. He has been sucking his hands or his mittens or even my hand when I tried to put him to sleep. And he is totally restless and cranky if he can not suck anything. As I have posted in my previous posting, he has become increasing demanding and attached that even my babysitter is hinting that he is getting a little difficult to handle and suggested using the pacifier. We were still apprehensive because we were quite adamant that we would not want him to get addicted to the pacifier. However, after some consideration and consultation with our paediatrician, we have decided to give the pacifier a try last night. And it was a shocking revelation!!

Ryan was his usual cranky self last night, even when he was being carried. So, I took out the pacifier and put it into his mouth. He took it immediately and was sucking away. I let him enjoyed it for about 30 seconds and then slowly pulled it out, just to see his reaction. And what a reaction it was! He looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile! It is as if, he was saying `Thank you. What took you so long to realise that I needed that. Finally...' My wife and I were laughing so hard till we cried looking at his expression. I was rolling on the bed.

To continue our little experiment, we put him on the bed by himself and gave him his pacifier. He would normally be cranky within 15 seconds and be yelling within 30 seconds. Guess what? No indication of dissatisfaction. No yelling. Not even a whimper. He was happily sucking away and watching us. And it goes on a full 40 minutes before he dozed off on his own. It's a MIRACLE!! Hallelujah!

Well, our paediatrician advise us to get him off the pacifier when he turns one. Honestly, I have no idea how to do that or what nightmare we are going to go through then. So, if you have any advise for us, we would be glad to hear them out. Till then, the pacifier will continue to be our secret weapon!!!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe...seems like Ryan really eager to suck on the pacifier for so long. Sometimes I am wondering, why is this "THING" so powerful that can stop a bb from crying, cranky or even make them fall asleep faster..

Anonymous said...

Dot had his pacifier for 8 months or so...then he started to spit out his pacifier then cry out loud for it, spit out again....after some repeated session, i got frustrated and threw the pacifier away infront of him.

Strangely, he did not cry or ask for it again since...

Hazel said...

thanks for dropping by, actually me too is not that expert in looking after a baby. besides, ur son is so cute, only 4.5 months?

Bonnie said...

Why will it be a nightmare ya mind I ask? I was on pacifier until I'm 6! LOL. I still remember it. My dad throw away my pacifier cause the pacifier is already teared to 2. I cried that night, but the next day I forgot about it.

Wawa doesnt suck pacifier. During confinement, I even try to use selotape to stick the pacifier to him, cause he keep split it out. And I cannot have my meal. LOL. Silly me. End up he never suck pacifier.

I guess just let them be, if the baby need pacifier to comfort themselves, why not? Baby happy. daddy and mommy also happy. But of course dont rely to much on that to calm Ryan. Just on and off. So the nightmare will not that teruk. Hehe

Daddy said...

Hi sarah's mommy
Honestly, I also don't understand but it certainly does work in calming him down.

KM,you are so lucky. I have heard dreadful tales from other parents have have a torrid time trying to throw the pacifier away.

Hi Hazel. It's my pleasure. Thanks for the compliment. He is cute when he is not yelling his lungs off.

Hi Bonnie. Wah..You teruk lar. I thought I was bad and use the pacifier till 3 (according to my mum lar). But you until 6 years old!! And to think that you use tape to stick the pacifier to your wawa's mouth! really creative lar...hehe...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Ryan's Daddy, you may call me Joanne..:-)

Anyway, since the pacifier able to calm down Ryan, so why not using it right..

Julie said...

I would say this is a saviour. Same thought as you, I refuse to give my boy pacifier but until he is not willing to doze off after sukling from one breast to another, I gave up and offered him a pacifier. Happy baby and happy mommy after that.

But there is rule to it. Only to put him to sleep and the moment he doze off, I'll take it away. The best time to wean him off pacifier is when he turns 1.

You know, some research says that pacifier is good for brain stimulation and baby tends to be smarter.

Daddy said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for dropping. Well, that is what we are currently doing. Hopefully he doesn't get addicted to it. It is certainly good news to hear that sucking on a pacifier stimulates the brain. No wonder I am so smart! hehe..But I guess Bonnie will be even smarter since she is on it till 6!!!

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