Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you a new generation daddy?

I notice that many fathers today are taking a more active role in parenting. During the recent Raya holidays, we took Ryan out to Sunway Pyramid as well as Pavilion. When we went to change Ryan's diaper in Sunway Pyramid, I noticed fathers taking over the role in changing diapers. When I was feeding Ryan at Pavilion, I noticed many fathers carrying their babies or pushing the stroller instead of the mothers. Is this the new generation daddies?

I remembered that man (especially in the Asian context) are less likely to show public affection to their children years ago, let alone taking an active role in preparing the bottle, feeding or even changing the diapers. It is almost a taboo to even talk about it. It is the woman's responsibility and the mother's role. In most cases, not many husbands are prepared to go into the labour room.

But all that seemed to have changed dramatically today. It is very common to see fathers lovingly carrying their babies in the public. It is common to see fathers skillfully feeding and burping their babies. It is almost expected of the father today to be IN the labour room with the mother and women nowadays would have it no other way. In fact, I have known some fathers who are more knowledgeable about their babies than their mothers.

I guess all these changes have to do with more working wives and mothers. At the same time, I believe man are beginning to understand and appreciate their spouse and knowing the need for them to help and work together.

I am a different father today, as compared to when I had my eldest son 15 years ago with my ex-wife. I don't recall feeding him, changing his diaper or bathing him. In fact, I don't even remember carrying him until he was at least 2 months old because he looked so fragile.

With Ryan, I was in the labour room watching him literally `bursting' into our lives. I was there video taping every moment from his first cry. I was there holding and cuddling him, forgetting that he was only 2.2kg. I bathe him, feed him and change his diapers. Today, when the babysitter called in sick, I had to take care of him the entire day all by myself and I am so relieved and in a way `proud' that I have pulled it through.

So, am I part of a new generation of daddies? Or there are already many active daddies out there and it is me who was the exception with my first born years ago? Whichever way it is, I am just glad and proud that I have been given an opportunity to take an active role in Ryan's growth and life.


Wonderful Life said...

Wow... you've done a great job!

My hubby don't dare to bath his new born son and not even now too! Sigh...

Daddy said...

No choice lar. My wife tried it for the very first time during confinement but she was fumbling and her hand doesn't have to strength to support Ryan. So, I volunteer to take over lor. Not with Ryan weighing 6.2kg (as at today) it's even more difficult for my wife to handle him. I guess she will only start bathing him when Ryan can sit properly. But I enjoy the process because he likes to play with him when I bathe him nowadays.

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