Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watch them sleep

I woke up at 3:30am this morning because Ryan was stirring in his sleep. He sleeps with us right in the middle of the bed every night since one month ago. We are putting him to sleep on his tummy because he sleeps better.

Instinctly, my hands stretched out to pat him to quiet him down. Else, if he wakes up, it's going to be another hour at least before we could get him back to sleep. Fortunately, he must be stirring because of his dream. I can see a smile breaking thru as he returned to sleep soundly.

I put my head close to his. I can smell him and believe me, it's the most pleasant smell in the world (I guess every dad will say that of his baby). I stared intently at him, watching him sleep... so peaceful and serene. Suddenly, there was that smile again. Suddenly I find myself smiling. Honestly, I really don't know what am I smiling at? But it felt so good.

I knew from that moment, my love for him has deepened another degree. Suddenly all the frustrations hours ago while we were trying to get him to sleep as he yelled away was gone. There he was, our pride and joy.

Try it. Look at your baby intently while they are sleeping. You will discover how lucky you are to have them.

And then...he stirred.......oh's that time again for his next feed........well...that's another story......

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eugene said...

I remember those times when you were sharing about Ryan's growing up period, then you were talking about Chenya's , then about relocating to Beijing.

Then about your holiday in Sanfo and Maldives, then you talked about Ryan's mat salleh teacher, then about you coming back and Cat went to Seattle

It has been that long man, indeed it has.............

and It has been a great pleasure to have known you.............

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