Saturday, June 5, 2010

Breakfast at Alexis @ BSC

5th June 2010

Woke up and was wondering what to have for breakfast this morning. Dressed lil Ryan up and then decided to take a drive while we decide. Ended up in Bangsar Shopping Center and was searching for a good place to eat. Unfortunately, BSC doesn't have a comprehensive directory categorised by type of business. Instead, they only have a directory listing down their tenants alphabetically. Who on earth would know which tenant is an F&B outlet by merely looking at their name?

For example, what you think a shop that goes by the name `Ninety nine lights temptation' sells?

Anyway, we ended up in front of Alexis cafe and bistro and since we have been here before, we decided to have our breakfast there. Nice ambience and good food.

Ryan just could not sit still. Once we finished our food, we allowed him to run around BSC. He saw this shop selling baby products and made a dash inside. Found himself, tonnes of toys to amuse himself and we ended up spending close to an hour there, watching him enjoying himself, until he bump his head while riding a toy car...Good indication to go home. (Otherwise, he would probably still be there running about refusing to leave).

Got into the car, gave him his milk that he was asking for, and within minutes, he was fast asleep, tired out from all the activities that he was having. We gave a sigh of relief that we too can finally have some peace and quiet at home, giving me a chance to update this blog...

Till the next adventure, adious.....


MeRy said...

Ryan looks so active..

Daddy said...


vickylow said...

Cute Ryan. It's a wonderful weekend morning to have breakfast with family.

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