Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Milestone : First Sports Day and First Medal

26th June 2010

This is Ryan's very first Sports Day organised by the day care centre that he has been attending. Actually, I think we are more excited about it than he is. Just can't imagine seeing him mingling with the rest of the kids and competing. Just can wait!!!

The biggest problem was getting him to get up in time since he has to assemble by 8:15 am. He normally doesn't get up till 9:30 am. So, we tried to get him to sleep early the night before. The next morning, we got up by 7:15 am ourselves and we tried to be as noisy as we can in the room to try to wake him up to no avail...We finally managed to get him to get up at 8am.

After getting him ready, we marched him to the playground where the sports was to be held. Luckily, it was just opposite our house. He, as usual was sticky to us. We finally managed to get him to settle down and once that is done, he was having fun, mingling around with the other children and even `bossing around'.

Watching him taking part in the parade and the event was fun. Although he is the second youngest in the entire group of more than 60 children, somehow, we felt that he has really grown.

And to top the event, he got his very first medal for his event. What proud parents he made us!!!


vickylow said...

Congrats on his 1st medal. He had so much fun and daddy manage to snap so many nice and precious photos.

Adrine said...

So young already had a sports day! That's really an advantage of attending day care early.

He looked like he had fun. :)

Blessed mum said...

*clap!* bet u r the youngest medallist!

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