Monday, June 14, 2010

Ryan's Birthday Celebration Finale

12th June 2010

Ryan turned 2 on the 30th May 2010 but we can't organize a party for him earlier as most weekends were either not suitable for most of the guest or we were not free.

Finally, we managed to arrange one on the 12th June 2010 and it was like a grand birthday celebration finale for the lil one. It was supposed to be a small event among close friends but it didn't turn out to be as small as I expected. Instead of a small group of 20, we ended with over 45 guests !

Our decision to arrange for a mobile steamboat (lok lok) van turned out to be an excellent decision. The guests enjoyed themselves and we were totally freed from the hassles of having to prepare food or the clean up after the party. Besides, we also ordered some nasi lemak and satay with plenty of beer, soft drinks and packet drinks to go around.

Ryan was having the greatest time in his life. He found a friend in the son of my wife's colleague and they were literally `break dancing' at the car porch to the delight of all the guests who surrounded them for the show!

The last two years watching him grow from a 2.22kg pre-matured baby to a bubbly hyper active boy that he is now has indeed been an adventure, experience that one could not attached any monetary value. As we watched him grow, he has taught us the right values and priorities of our life too. We are certainly looking forward to celebrate his next birthday and I'm sure the next one year will be another year of adventure filled with fun, anxiety and priceless moments.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The cake is so cute.
And Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan.

Serene said...

Happy belated birthday Ryan!!
Nice foodie, nice cake...

cheeyee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan!

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!