Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Round of Roseola Viral Rashes and Fever

When we brought Ryan back from the daycare on Monday evening, we noticed that his body was warm. Checking his temperature, confirmed that he was running a fever of about 37.8 degrees. Gave him his paracetamol and the fever subsides but only for as long as the medicine effects last. So, for the next two days, we had to constantly monitor his temperature which fluctuates between 37.8 degrees to as high at 39 degrees. On the third day, we noticed small red rashes on his body and we feared that we might have contacted the roseola viral infection again. (He got it once in June recently).

So, we took him to his favourite but expensive `uncle' for a checkup. One look and he confirmed it. To make sure that it was not dengue, a blood test has to be taken.

This super naughty rascal didn't even flinch when his finger was poked the first time. But because he did not drink enough fluids, the doctor was having a tough time getting enough blood for the necessary test. So he had to poke him again and this time, he had to squeezed enough blood for the test. It must have been painful. (His mommy dare not even look and had to look away). But...he didn't cry out loud. He frowned with pain and anger and JUST STARED at the doctor. He all actually had a good laugh over it.

Well, just like the doctor said, the fever subsided on the third day but the red rashes were all over his body and even more this round as compared to the last. It's so pitiful looking at him BUT he is as active as ever !! There is no stopping him from having a good time, playing with his favourite toys ....his daddy and mommy.

His rashes are still there today but is slowly subsiding. I just hope that he will recover fully over the weekend. And meanwhile, daddy will continue to be the monster and he will continue to be his Ultraman, giving me a good whack every now and then.

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MeRy said...

Hope Ryan will be recover soon.

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