Sunday, September 5, 2010


No no...don't start thinking that I am contemplating marrying FOUR! One is already a handful. And no, I'm not thinking of having FOUR kids either. One at this point in time is enough to drive me up the wall.

Four is currently Ryan's favourite number or the only number that comes to his mind the moment if he is asked to give an answer in numbers.

Daddy: "How old are you?"
Ryan : "Four"
Daddy: "NO...two!!"
Ryan : "NO...FOUR!!"

Ryan : "Nen Nen (Milk Milk)"
Mommy: "How many (although the correct grammar should be how much)?"
Ryan : "Fourrrrrr..."
Mommy: "Three !"
Ryan : "Fourrrrr..."
Mommy : "Five??"
Ryan : "No ..FOUR!"
Mommy: "Six?"

Ryan : "Lizat (Lizards)"
Daddy: "How many lizards?"
Ryan : "FOUR!"
Daddy: "NO..only three ...One, Two, Three .."
Ryan : "...Four!" (smiling cheekily)


MeRy said...

It means 4 is a lucky number..

vickylow said...

Ya wor no. 4 is his lucky number ar...keke

Wonderful Life said...

Hahah... so cute & cheeky!

My Ryan also likes 4!! Things he requested would be in quantity of 4...He likes to say, "I want 4" eg. wants us to buy him 4 toy cars, 4 birthday gifts, wants 4 birthday cakes!!

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