Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Patriotic

Date : 30th August 2010
We received an email that Ryan's daycare will be having a mini merdeka celebration for the children and they are requested to dress in traditional costume to go to school as part of the celebration.

An quick sms to the principal confirmed it and was requested to dress him in Chinese tradtional costume. So, we took the opportunity during the weekend to shop for suitable piece for him in Sunway Pyramid. After walking around several shops, we still could not find a suitable Chinese traditional costume for him (besides being extremely expensive).

Then, remembering that we are so near to Hari Raya, there would be plenty of traditional costume on sale. So, we decided to get him a Malay costume instead. We got a few pieces for him to try on and finally, he chose a green one complete with a sarong. We had wanted to get him a songkok as well. Unfortunately, the songkok was a bit too large for him and, coming with a price tag of Rm25, we finally opted against it.

Honestly, I think we had more fun shopping and getting him to wear the costume than him and quick frankly, I think that he looks pretty good in it too ...don't you think?


MeRy said...

Looks great in Malay costume.

reanaclaire said...

lol..he looks so cute in baju melayu..

Adrine said...

He looks dashing in the Baju Melayu!! Looks so grown up too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

so cuteeee!!!!

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