Tuesday, June 12, 2012

He DEFINITELY has my genes!

We were having fun the other night at home, fooling around with both Ryan and Chenya. We have bought this drawing board for Ryan like ages ago and all he ever does before was drawings lines after lines after lines. When he was not drawing, he will be jumping on it! (slap head)

Often times, he would ask us to draw him some pictures like sharks, dinosaurs, aeroplanes, rockets and guns of course, plenty of guns! Of late, he has been putting his toy guns one after another on the drawing board and traced the outline of each.

Well, out of the blue, he said "Daddy, I want to draw you!"

"Errrrrr......ok. I said" not expecting much.

He bent down his head and was busy on the drawing board for a minute or so and then presto!....presenting his masterpiece !

I was totally taken aback. This piece was entirely his! I did not help at all. It was first without the spectacles. So, I tested him and said, "How come no spectacles ?"

"Ohh....ok..." he replied and went back to the drawing board and added the two circles around my eyes and joined them up. Simply amazing!

I quickly grab my camera and took this shot. Then I tested him further.....

"Draw mommy also lar ..."

"Ok!" he replied. He cleared the drawing board and proceeded to draw his dear mommy.

"Please remember the long hair ya..." I reminded him...

"Ok..." he quiped.

One minute later, he presented his next mouth jaw dropping master piece ....!

His version of mommy....totally awesome for a four years old child.

I am not sure if I could draw this when I was his age and I have the artistic gene in me from a young age. Not sure when I started drawing but I know I have been drawing Ultraman comics when I was in standard four or five and selling them for 50 sen to my classmate. Considering that it was over 10 pages thick with colours and took me like 2 weeks to complete one, I think I definitely have under priced it.

Well, I am glad that he is demonstrating such skill set at this age. Reuben, my eldest son seemed to have the same interest in art and is currently pursuing his degree in Multimedia Design in Christchurch. His ultimate interest is in Computer Animation, and dreaming of being part of another Transformer movie!

They both DEFINITELY have my genes and BETTER than I am! This is JUST SO COOL!


reanaclaire said...

The way he drew the mouth, it was fantastic! Another Walt Disney artist created.. :)

Daddy said...

Reana: Yupe...some more like got expressions....

Leona said...

Very natural drawing from a 4 yo.

Watch this space...:)

It is always very exciting and heartwarming when a child unexpectedly shows u a side of them that we never knew before..

Anonymous said...





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