Monday, August 13, 2012

He gets better and better ....

Yesterday I woke up with a nasty sore throat, a body that seemed to be wanting to fall apart and a perpetual pounding in my head.

So, when I was driving Ryan to Bangsar Village for his normal music class, I was not very much in the mood to talk. He was asking if he could stay back after the afternoon music class and played a while at Borders bookstore which he normally would. I told him that he can't.....

Ryan: Why cannot daddy?
Daddy: Because daddy is not feeling well...daddy wants to go back and sleep.
Ryan: Daddy not sick? Not feeling? (showing his very very concerned face)
Daddy: Yes. We go another time ok..?
Ryan : Ok....
Ryan : must go and see doctor and stay in the hospital for a few days if you are sick.
Daddy: Huh?
Ryan : Yes. You must go and see doctor. Before you go you must put in the Ultraman DVD into the TV so that kakak can just pressed and start before you go. OK? Daddy? Promise? Promise you go and see doctor and stay in hospital?

So, what do you think I am promising to?
Promising to go and see the doctor because I am sick? Is that what the promise was all about? Or promising to a not-so-hidden agenda of his?

The cheeky lad of mine is getting better and better in negotiating what he actually wants. He just might have a brilliant career as a politician and I then can retire to rear cows and live in a luxurious condo in Bangsar .......:)

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Cynful Pleasure said...

hahaa.. he is good... in asking.. :D

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