Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It gets younger ....

I had my first handphone when I was 30 years old. That too, was because I switched my career from being a table bound internal auditor to the front line sales and marketing in software. I still remember that antique now. It was a Panasonic with bad reception and an antenna that you have to pull out in order to get any reception at all.

My Chenya is already playing with her mommy smart phone before she turned one. She even knows how to use her little finger and flip the screen just like her mommy.

And the best part was, when we said "Hello Hello", she would put the phone to her ears and pretend to have a conversation.


reanaclaire said...

hahaha... her expressions say it all..

Andrew said...

Haha, my boy plays with his mummy's phone all the time too.

Merryn said...

Kids these days are born in this wifi era and are 'connected' at all times :)

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