Friday, November 16, 2012

His teacher has been `Unclefied!'

Ryan's new class teacher in Beijing, Jeff walked in, greeting us with a smile.
It was an impromptu arrangement and we were glad that Ryan (yes, he shared the same name as our cheeky Ryan), the Campus Director made that last minute meeting so that we could hear what his class teacher has to say about Ryan after a few days at his new school.
After all, we were a little worried as to how he has been adapting to his new environment, friends, routine and teachers.
For a start, he has started to take the school bus to and from school everyday instead of being fetched by me. To an extend, I think he likes it because there are other friends on board as well.
"Hello. I'm Jeff" Jeff extended his hand for a handshake...."and I am the UNCLE" with a smile.
For a moment, I could not comprehend what he meant.
"I am the UNCLE!" Jeff repeated.
And then, it dawned upon me that that was what Ryan has been calling him, his very own teacher "Uncle!"
He has managed to bring something very Malaysian over to Beijing China and introduced that to his school because it is customary for us back in Malaysia to teach our children to politely address an older gentlemen as `Uncle' and a lady 'Auntie', although not every lady would take to being called an `Auntie' happily as it suggest that they are no longer qualified to be categorised as sweet and young.
Well, at least, he was smart enough to only address his male teacher as Uncle and has not called his sweet looking assistant teacher as "Auntie".
We are glad that we have been told that he has been adapting well in school and getting along with his friends and teachers. With that anxiety finally put to rest, we know that our settling down process is taking shape quite nicely and soon, we could start exploring this new land and adventure.

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eugene said...

Got sweet looking assistant ka?that's so cool,no worries bro,I think Ryan will enjoy his stay his Beijing one cos this boy is "no scare one man"

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