Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ryan's Farewell Speech

"Good morning children" Ms Mary greeted the children in Ryan's class.
"This morning we are here because Ryan Looi leaving you and will be going to China already. And he wants to say Good bye to all of you.." she continued.
We were having a small farewell gathering for Ryan Looi at his school before he flies off to Beijing to start his new adventure. Over the last two years, he has made quite a number of friends and he has several favourite teachers who in turn adores him.
As the day to leave drew near, we were told by the teachers that he has been going around telling his friends and teachers that he will be leaving soon and that he loves them. They were obviously very touched.
"Let's get Ryan Looi up here to say to few words, ok." Ms Mary, his class teacher went on.
"Come Ryan Looi..." she gestured Ryan to come forward.
In my heart, I was apprehensive as to what this hyper active and talkative son of mine would say. After all, this is going to be his first farewell speech in front of his class of about 20 other children.
"Now..what is he going to say?" I thought to myself.
"Is he going to say something totally stupid and make a fool of himself?"
As parents, we always wanted them to make us proud and I was just hoping that he would not go on rambling something about dinosaurs and Ultraman saving the world.
He got up the front of the class, stood there, looking very serious and composed. There was not a single iota of the ever playful and unfocused Ryan that he is.
He looked at his class for a second and two and said the most appropriate, beautiful and meaningful words that could come out from a 4 year old boy, saying farewell for the very first time to his classmates, words that totally knocked me off my senses and for one moment, he is a very mature, grown up boy.
"I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!" he said and bowed.
With these words, he left behind his pre-school days chapter in Malaysia and embarks on a new chapter, new adventures, new friends, teachers, culture and environment in Beijing China.
We are so proud of him.

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Alice said...

aiyo.....If I were his mother, I'll cry :P

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