Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is How Much She STOLE!

We finally got our stolen stuff back from the maid agency a couple of days before we left for Beijing. They were keeping it for a while to painstakingly take pictures of every piece as evidence.
Since we have no pictures of the stolen item as well, I laid them out one piece at a time and grab a picture. Believe me or not, I took my wife and I a full one hour to unwrap and photograph them.
And once I was done, this is how much she has stolen (or attempted to steal from us since she was caught) ....
Yupe. We were careless and we were too trusting and we were also too busy in the last couple of months leading to our decision to relocate the family to Beijing.
But it has never occur in our wildest imagination that we could have employed such a dastardly character to stay with us in our home for the last five months. Does she not feel guilt when she give those clothes that she has so conveniently stolen from us, to her youngest son named `King'. How can she look her son in the eyes and gave him the very shirt that we have bought for Ryan, knowing fully well, that that shirt was NOT meant for his son. How can she honestly gave out those stolen items as Christmas presents?
How can she began to tell her children to live a good and honest life and that stealing or taking things from others without permission is VERY wrong, a crime and could lead them being branded as a criminal.
We could not comprehend what she was thinking of when she wrapped and labelled those items so meticulously and honestly, we are right now, too angry and disappointed to really care.
And to rub salt to the wound, the agency actually told us that we still have to pay to her, her balance salary and to get her an air ticket to send her home. We practically told the agency off and reiterated that she could get her salary and her air ticket from us at the police station, if she so wishes.
Needless to say,the agency left the issue as it is and dare not pursue any further.
Well, after having lived with the help of a maid over the last 4 years, it can be difficult adapting. It is in time like this, we are thankful that we have our moms and in our case, my dear mother in law who not only helped us out when we were busy packing and shifting but also followed us to Beijing.
I am still coping and my daily routine has been drastically changed to accommodate the additional chores without the maid. In a way, as we slowly settled down into our life without a helper, we sort of enjoy the extra privacy of not having a stranger in our home.
Well, enough said about this maid. It's good riddance to bad rubbish.
For now, several baby bottles awaits me in the basin to be washed before I proceed to put our clothes in the washing machine to be washed. Life is SO MUCH FUN!


Merryn said...

And you all did not notice those clothes went missing? Wow..

Daddy said...

Actually, we have been noticing that the children seemed to be wearing the same clothes over and over again and we have been questioning the maid, who pretend either to not understanding what we were trying to ask or simply pull out some other clothes everytime we asked. We paid lesser attention to her during our the last several months, because of our frequent travelling as well as getting ourselves ready for the relocation, which incidentally was not really going as smooth as we wish it was ...Anyway, like I said, we were careless and too trusting too...and I don't think it's going to happen again....

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!