Friday, October 21, 2011

Cameron Highlands Bharat Cameron Tea Plantation

September 2011 (Continuation) - Backdated post

There are basically two major tea plantation companies in Cameron Highlands. There is BOH Tea of course. The other is the Bharat Cameron Tea. The tea plantation for Bharat Cameron Tea is much more accessible. There are two that we encountered during our visit there recently. One is located after Brinchang before we reached the Equatorial Hotel. The tea house is modest and the plantation is much smaller. The other is before Tanah Rata and can be seen on the main road leading down to Tapah. This is definitely much more impressive and the tea plantation, much larger.

We made a stop at both tea plantations. The first was before we reached our hotel on the first day. The other was on my second day after we visited the Boh tea plantation.

Zipping a cup of hot tea while enjoying a delicious scone in the cool weather that we don't normally get in KL is definitely a welcoming change. There is such a care-free atmosphere that all the work stress and worries seemed so far away (at least for that few precious moments). Looking at the vast piece of green landscape that goes as far as the eyes can see brings such tranquility to the soul. I must said that I can not help but to be amazed at God's marvellous creation.

(This is the Bharat tea plantation located before Brinchang if you are taking the Simpang Pulai route to Cameron Highlands)

(This is the Bharat Tea Plantation located after Tanah Rata on the way down to Tapah. Located by the roadside, you just can't miss it) (2 workers working on the tea plantation. They are dwarfed by the sheer vastness of the entire landscape)
(Ryan getting bored and started fooling around with his water bottle)


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