Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands Steamboat Dinner

September 2011 (Continuation) - Backdated post

Any visit to Cameron Highlands is not complete without at least a steam boat meal. There are plenty of steam boat restaurants in Brinchang and I'm sure most of you would have had at least one when visiting Cameron Highlands. We were not sure which is good but we know that we preferred one that uses charcoal rather than the electrical steamboat pot. Parking at Brinchang could be a nightmare and we were lucky that we went on a weekday instead of a weekend or a public holiday. Even that, we have some problem looking for an empty parking space. Hence, the restaurant that we chose was the one where we found a parking right in front....It turned out to be quite nice and pleasant experience...Price is reasonable.

(Ryan getting impatient waiting for the food to arrive)
(Ryan getting excited over the steam boat pot with the tall funnel)
(Mother and sister getting the steam boat ready)


Yee Ling said...

Omg....why ler the funnel so tall. Does it serves for some purpose? Normally we will bring our own rice cooker to feast at the hill..ahhahahha

Adrine said...

I normally have my steamboat at Kea Garden next to Equitorial hotel. Really "syiok" to sit at the balcony overlooking the hills. We will all be shivering while waiting eagerly for the food to be ready! He he..temp just nice after the first bowl of hot soup ;)

cheeyee said...

Ooh I love having a steam boat in the cold weather! Best way to warm ourselves. :D

Daddy said...

Yee Ling: I think the long funnel is give a more even fire to the charcoal.
Adrine: Really? We saw that but didnt not try. Maybe too near to hotel kua ..

Rocky Liew said...

As the steamboat is using charcoal the tall funnel is need so that the ashes of burning charcoal won't fall back to the steamboat soup. Nice post thanks for sharing...

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