Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cameron Highlands Water Crest Valley Restaurant

Sept 2011 (Backdated post) - Continuation

We took the route from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands and hence we will hit the top above Brinchang on our way to the Equatorial. It's a much more pleasant drive as compared to the windy road from Tapah with lorries driving like maniacs and overtaking at every opportunity.

On the way to Brinchang and about 5 minutes away from the Equatorial Hotel, we came across this restaurant which I have read from the internet. Known as the Water Crest Valley, they are actually water crest farmers with a restaurant that served water crest recipes as well as steam boat.

(A view of the water crest grown here)

After checking in, being hungry and lazy to explore other places, we drove back to this restaurant for our lunch. The food was like home cooked meals, delicious and the price is reasonable. In fact, we actually went back to this restaurant for one last lunch before going home.

(Tasty meat patties) (Stirred fried fresh mushrooms)
(Chicken fried with water crest)
(Water crest)
As we finished our meal, the storm clouds were brewing and I managed to catch this shot with the dramatic clouds against the clear blue skies...


CathJ said...

nice place, love visiting this place but the driving.. urghhh... :)

Adrine said...

I'm goona try out the restaurant next time! Thx for the review :)

Anonymous said...

This place entry fee is RM1.00 and you can nothing. Cheating place dont go.

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