Monday, October 10, 2011

His First Harley .....

Yupe...Ryan got his very first Harley Davidson and boy, is it cool or what ....

With Chenya's arrival, and only one maid at home, it would be near impossible for the maid to take care of both the baby and Ryan at the same time. We couldn't find a reliable baby sitter that we could trust and after much consideration, we opted to sent Ryan for a full day care center instead of half a day for the following reasons:-

- so that the maid could take care of Chenya without having to worry about Ryan
- so that Ryan could get some form of discipline instead of just watching TV all the time at home.
- so that Ryan could have some proper meals as he is just refusing to eat his proper lunch at home.

We were quite worry that he would not be keen and would kick up a fuss about it. Surprisingly, he cope very well and all the teachers and care takers were very impressed with him. We wanted to give him a cool surprise !

He used to have an electronic car given to him when he was one year old but have since been out of order. He was asking for a truck. We could not find a truck but we thought a motorbike would be cool. We search around and finally found this company, PedyPak which post some pretty interesting selection of battery operated vehicle in their website. This monster was among one posted but the online price was RM599! We were thinking of something below RM400. We called and were told that we could visit their warehouse located at Pandamaran Port Klang to have a look at the models currently available.

Using our GPS, we located the factory and we were offered this `monster' at a cool Rm430! We took it and Ryan was one happy boy that afternoon when he saw it in the car when we went to pick him up from school.

Actually, this is a cool place if you are looking for similar toys because they are a major importer and distributor and also provide spare parts like batteries etc in the event should you need repairs to be done. Check it out at


Yee Ling said...

Wow..that's a real cool one! I am sure your boy would enjoy it very much.

Rose said...

Wah! Can Ryan give aunt Rose a ride on ur new Harley? *wink*

eugene said...

Cool,, just look at Ryan,I am sure he will be a hardcore Harley fan when he grows up,and you will be busy looking at all the SYTs he is carrying hahahahhaah.

Hey bro,no prob of meeting for a beer when you are up,,, make sure Ryan and Chenya are up here too,,otherwise,no meet ,,hahhahahah

Merryn said...

Wah!!!! So lucky Ryan! Like that must ask the mommy to give birth to another :P

cheeyee said...

Wow very "yao yeng". LOL!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello Daddy,

Thanks a million for dropping by my blog. I guess this blog is about your kids?

Ryan is one lucky boy to get his rm430 present. i wonder whether i would want spend that much! hahaha!

I heard that it's hard to trust a maid. But i think sending Ryan to a childcare do solve a lot of problems.

Have a nice day yeah?

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..what a cool ride. Glad to hear Ryan is doing well in daycare.

chinnee ( said...

that bike IS HUGE!!!!!

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!