Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Children's First Trip To Cameron Part One

Sept 2011 (Backdated post)

(View of the Boh Tea Plantation located just before Tanah Rata)

My mum has been staying with my sister for a couple of months now and she expressed the desire wanting to go back to Kampar to visit my grandmother who is still there. We volunteered to drive her home and took the opportunity to arrange for a short 2 nights at Cameron Highlands. This trip is going to be the `first' for several reasons and we were all very excited about it.

- First outstation trip for Chenya.
- First Cameron Highland stay for both the children.
- First travel together as a four member family (besides the maid)
- First travel together with my youngest sister (yes..we don't get to travel that often together)
- First outstation trip for our recently acquired 7 seater.

(View of the Cameron Tea Plantation located after the Boh Tea Plantation but before Tanah Rata with an excellent look out point where you can have your tea looking at the vast plantation)

We have not been to Cameron Highlands for a couple of years now. When we were a couple, we used to travel there for short stay and we have stayed at the Old Smokehouse a couple of times (absolutely loved the experience), the Equatorial and the hotel directly opposite the golf course (now taken over by YTL). We loved the steamboat dinners and the golf rounds we had with the nice cool weather.
(Attending to some messy business before getting down to enjoying the meals)

Staying at the Smokehouse is out of the question as it is way too expensive since we have 5 adults and 2 children. So, we opted to go back to Equatorial again where the rates are more affordable. (Verdict: the hotel is pretty run down now as compared to when we were there years ago. For the price of which they are charging, they should have done some form of refurbishing)

The trip up was pleasant and exciting as we could comfortably put all 5 adults and 2 children with the loads of luggage into the MPV. (Wise decision to buy this rather than the smaller Estima though a little more costly). I was rather surprised with the performance of the car going uphill with the load.

And activities in Cameron Highlands... (what else??)

- Visit and having a nice cup of tea at the different tea plantation. We were at Boh Tea and the Cameron Tea plantations on different days and the experience was relaxing and the view absolutely stunning.
- Steam boat with plenty of fresh vegetables for all dinners.
- Leisurely English breakfast at the Old Smokehouse (yes yes..we must go there because we absolutely adore the settings). The most expensive meal!!
- Lunch at the Water Crest restaurant where food is simple but delicious.
- Strawberries picking where Ryan was totally excited.

All in all, it was an extremely pleasant trip and travelling together with my family, my mother and youngest sister made it even more memorable. As we left the mountains, our thoughts were looking forward to our next destination in a week's time ....Bali Club Med ..(more of that in the next post) ....

(A lonely tree sitting right on top of the Look Out Point at the Boh Tea Plantation)

More pictures coming on Cameron Highlands holiday....don't go away ....hahaha


CathJ said...

baby sooo cuteeee... ^_^

Yee Ling said...

Yes, Equatorial should have consider for refurbishment. The last time I went, guess what? The heater was out of order and they sent their technician to repair. Repair here n there also tak jadi....at the end given to another room...sigh**

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!