Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Favorite Shots from Club Med Bintan Island

We just came back from a holiday from Club Med Bintan Island. In fact, we did three Club Meds in 10 months. Kinda of crazy but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and glad that we did. We did Club Med Bali in September 2011 last year to celebrate wifey's birthday there together with Ryan.

Then when my eldest son, Reuben came back from Christchurch for his holiday in the beginning of the year, we brought him and Ryan to Club Med Cherating in Kuantan.

Club Med ran another `buy one free one' promotion recently, and we could help ourselves but to get ourselves another holiday in Club Med Bintan Island. Of the three, I enjoyed Bintan Island the best although it is the smallest of the three. You can read about my comparison of the three Club Meds in my travel and photography blog (

I took tonnes of pictures during our stay at Bintan Island and the beach was absolutely fantastic and the sunrise breathtaking. But, these few pictures were my favorite, because they are of my soul mate and my prince .....(unfortunately, Chenya was left at home this round, as she was a little too young to join us).

Balancing a already unsteady world of turmoil, injustice and uncertainties

As I took this shot, I was imagining them doing it in slow motion against the awesome soundtrack of "Chariots of Fire"

Mother and son having quality time together and daddy was just too happy to be snapping away with his Nikon D90 - Previous moment - Priceless !


Merryn said...

Priceless indeed. Pictures of pure fun! Love it.

eugene said...

Of all,vote is for the first pic,,,,say hi to Cat for me ,will ya bro

MeRy said...

nice shots.

Daddy said...

Thanks for the comments and sure bro.. Will send her your regards.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Very nice pix! Now I am so tempted to buy a DSLR too!

Daddy said...

Hahaha...Good investment especially if you like photography and the prices of the DSLRs have come down quite a fair bit. The only thing about owing a DSLR is the continuous investment in additional lens and accessories...HAHAHAHA...My lens and my accessories are even more expensive than my camera now...Wife is regretting (Joking) since it was her who bought me the the camera as a gift and now every year, i get a new len for either my christmas or birthday present ...HAHAHAHAHA

prince n princess mum said...

Lovely moment!~ The shoots are all so nice!~

Kristie said...

Lovely pictures!

Nice to drop by your blog again, it's been a long time ;-)

Happy to see that all are well!

Anonymous said...

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More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!