Friday, May 11, 2012

My legs are for ....

"Daddy ....hold" Ryan asked as I got him ready for school and he wants to be carried into the car .....
"Why? Cannot walk meh?" I responded
"No ...." he answered.
"Why not? You got legs ma ...." I reminded him
"My legs not for walking daddy ...." he replied
"Huh? Then your legs for what?" I said
"My legs are for running and....swimming ...and jumping!" he replied matter of factly
"Why are your legs not for walking?" I queried further
"Because I get tired ...." he replied without hestitation
"....running and jumping not tired meh? " I continued
"No. I got energy to run and jump. Walking staircase also tired ma." he responded
"Your school got stairs also ma " I said
"So, in school, you walk or teacher carry you? " I asked further
"In school, I walk myself." Ryan replied
"Why? Why in school can walk?" was my next question
"In school, walk stairs not tired ma...." he replied convincingly...

(Slap head)

Then he asked me "Daddy, can you jump?"
"Yes ..." I replied
"Can you run?" he asked further
"Yes, of course!" I replied
"Can you walk?" he probed
"Yes, of course!" I replied again

Then wanting to catch him of guard ....I asked ...

"Can you walk?"
"Yesss....errrrrrr....NO! My legs only for running!"

OK. I rest my case.

Taken in Club Med Cherating in February 2012 this year when we had a holiday there. This little guy can certainly jump and run. Walk ....errrrrr.....oh no...his legs were not meant for that ...


anney said...

Your conversation with your kid really made me smile!I love the jump shot photo! By the way, Bellaroca is in the Philippines. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Daddy said...

Hei anney..thanks for dropping by and thanks for the compliment..have a good weekend ahead...

LittleLamb said...

at this age...they are so cute. their thoughts r so naive.

Kristie said...

he is so cute and witty!

UmmiRosma said...

Wonderful shots and of course the conversations...I shall say...very cute!

cheeyee said...

Hahaha so cute, and smart too. :)

Nice shot. Love the pics.

More Pictures on Jeju Island Coming up NEXT!