Thursday, December 18, 2008

Excellent post from Spices of Life!

Umma, writer of the Spices of Life blog posted an excellent article a couple of days ago. Aptly entitled, WHAT TO EXPECT DURING PARENTHOOD, it listed down 10 things that any parent should expect in this wonderful journey and adventure of parenthood.

As I read it, I cannot help but to identify with every single one of the 10 listed, without actually and consciously realising it. Having a baby totally changes our marriage, our life style, our expectations, our hope and what we care for.

I am certain that many of my readers do read Umma's but in the event that you don't, do drop by her site and read this article. With your permission, I have set up the link here.

Read all about it at Spices of Life and welcome to the wonderful world of `parents going crazy with love'.

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