Friday, December 12, 2008

First taste of Pear!

Several days ago, we tried giving Ryan’s his first taste of pear from Heinz. It tasted much better than apple and he liked it. We then tried moving him on to carrot. Bought a stick of carrot, boiled it, blend it and gave it to him. It was a total failure. He totally disliked it. Can’t blame him though. I didn’t like it much either.

So, yesterday, I bought some pears home, double boiled them to soften them, mash it up and gave him some. He totally loves it and finished the whole pear for his dinner. It was a pretty sight. Towards the end, he was fighting to have the spoon and insisted to feed himself and make a mesh out of it. But it was a happy moment for us, as you can surely see from the picture. I think his mommy’s mouth is bigger than his…Haha!

Next, I will try to boil the apples I have bought for him too and see whether he love that too.


vickylow said...

I bet carrot is tasteless for him. You can add in some bm. I think sweet potato is more accepted for baby.

Daddy said...

Hi Vicky. We did add in some breast milk but I guess the taste is too green.... Will try sweet potato next. Any suggestion how to prepare that? Am very new at this. So must learn.

Kristie said...

gd job daddy! hopefully ryan will love more new foods!

LittleLamb said...

i wont suggest boiling. steaming apple / pear is great.

u can refer to some website like


also for carrot, remember dont use the left over water.

cheeyee said...

Good job daddy! Hopefully it will be a smooth feeding for my boy also when I start him with the solids later.

U can try steam/boil the potato, mash it with cooked egg yolk and some breast milk. My gal likes it last time and she can finish it as a meal.

Blessed mum said...

mashed carrot indeed is not a favorite with baby..mine 3 prefers apple and banana when they were 6mths old.

I didn't steam/boil the fruit. just scrap it with a metal spoon.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is always nice to prepare recipe for our lil one..seeing their reaction towards eating the food, is the joyous part.
- Hehe..I enjoyed watching the photo that your wife was feeding Ryan.

Wonderful Life said...

it's good that he loves to eat fruits... how i wish my Ryan could take few bites on any kinds of fruits!! My boy doesn't like any of them at all... he could even identify it's a fruit and he would run away before the piece of fruit could reach his mouth! Sigh!

Mummy to QiQi said... comfy yur Royal's dinning cushion seat!

i recently started to feed solid to my boys too. adventurous, but a bit tiring feeding 2 each time.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Instead of boiling the carrot, why not just let him suck/chew on baby carrots? My 8mo baby loves it.

Reuben Looi said...

Haha!!!! Aunty Kukus's mouth is so much bigger than Ryan's......haha

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