Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ryan's 6th Month Celebration

Ryan finally reached his 6th month birthday. Remembering how he was born a pre-matured baby at only 2.2kg, hitting the 6th month milestone was something that we have always been looking forward to.

To celebrate this milestone, we have decided to go to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf & Country Resort for the short holiday with my in-laws. Clearwater Sanctuary Golf & Country Resort located at Batu Gajah, holds some fond memories as my wife and I have on several occasions played golf there. We have stayed in their suite (apparently the same suite that Chow Yuen Fatt stayed when he was filming the King and I) several years back while we were still dating. So, going back with Ryan now seemed to us like a milestone by itself.

We headed back to Ipoh on Saturday where my wife was from. On Sunday, by 2pm, we checked in into two of their chalets. Being categorized as a super peak period now with the school holiday season, the rate for non members is RM350. Fortunately, we have a friend who knew a member who was kind enough to make the reservation for us. Member’s rate is only RM255 net.

Clearwater Sanctuary was built on a piece of land surrounded by old tin ore mining ponds with lots of natural vegetation, floral and beauty. All chalets were built with lake view, giving guests an excellent view of either the sunset or sunrise with water lilies aplenty, floating ever so peacefully and occasional sightings of monitor lizards or beavers taking their leisurely swim across the lake. There is an excellent and challenging 18 holes golf course (which was voted the second best course for 2007/2008) and one 9 holes par 3 course ideal for beginners.

My wife and I were intending to squeeze in 9 holes since our in-laws were around to take care of Ryan. Unfortunately, with so many other activities lined up, the nearest that I get to play was hitting 50 free balls at the driving range. Ryan went for his first swimming lesson, while I took my niece for her first kayaking experience.

All in all, a short but well deserved holiday.


agnes said...

happy 6 mth old... big boy adi

vickylow said...

Nice photos taken. Ryan look alike you, expecially the eyes :). Happy 6mths old Ryan.

Adrine said...

Happy 6 months Ryan!

I just luurve Clearwater Sanctuary. Looking forward to my next visit in March next year :)

Hazel said...

Happy 6 months old to ur lovely baby

cheeyee said...

Happy 6 mths old Ryan!

This remind me maybe I can celebrate the 6mths milestone with Hao end of this month also, cum New Year celebration. :)

Leona said...

What a handsome boy you are becoming...Ryan!Always Smiling!
Happy 6 Months Old...

Kristie said...

happy 6 mths old ryan and looks like u had a great holiday after all :)

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