Monday, December 15, 2008

A Gemini

My son, the Gemini (May 22 to June 21). This sign is also known as The Twins. I am not one into horoscope and believing what my sign holds for me and neither do I dictate my life based on what my horoscope tells me for the day, week or year. In fact, I don’t even read them.

But out of curiosity, I wanted to know what Ryan’s star is and the description of a Gemini could not be more accurate.

Gemini, being the twins, can take on two personalities of the complete opposite. They are apparently dual-natured. They can be calm at one instant but can just as easily whip up a storm. Their good characteristics include imaginative, adaptable, communicative, inquisitive, energetic and witty to name a few. On the other hand, they tend to be restless, dislike being tied down, mental inaction and being left alone.

Well, Ryan has definitely shown a good volume of imagination and determination in getting the things he wanted, very inquisitive and curious and pumped up with boundless energy. (He is like the Energizer pink bunny and me, the one running on ordinary batteries. sigh). Describing him as restless is an understatement. And above all, he hates being left alone and wants constant company to keep him well occupied.

Will the sign dictate what he would become then? Incidentally, my wife is a Libra and she is a fanatic over fairness. But could her over zealousness to be fair, a result of her knowing that she is a Libra, and hence, living as one?

I still believe what our children will become is how we mould and teach them. Although they do exhibit some of their basic characteristics now, I am sure every baby can be nurtured. All it takes is lots of love, patience and sacrifices on our part.

In parting, we have a very good friend who seemed to have a very strong liking for Taurus. Not only is she a Taurus, she was born in a town by the name of `Menglembu’ (‘lembu’ is cow in Malay) and her Chinese surname is Moo! Funny but true. Her nickname is appropriately given. It’s `Ah Ngau’ (‘Ngau’ is cow in Cantonese). Obviously, she sees red when we call her that……


little prince's mummy said...

So adorable!~

reanaclaire said...

ah ngow? haha.. i think next year is the cow year.. heard those born under cow have to work hard then... anyway, all these are myths.. haha..

Kristie said...

Jayden is a Leo and his horoscope says that he is an attention seeker which is so true. He can't be left alone as well!

Angeline said...

hey hey, we can be great friends!!!! *wink*

one of my closest friend for 18 years is a Gemini and my HUBBY is one too!!!! *laugh*

chubskulit said...

this is true, i am one hahah..

Lemonjude said...

I'm a Gemini here too *wink* I did read those horoscope, it does tell something in each of them and soemtime i find it so true.

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